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Out of This World

Imagine a laboratory that teaches us more than we've ever known about disease, muscle and bone health, and eyesight. This lab has an environment that impacts the human body in ways we've never seen before. In fact, there's no place like it in the entire world. That's because this lab doesn't exist on Earth -- it's the International Space Station, orbiting nearly 400 kilometers above our planet's surface. Explore the final frontier of outer space. From freeze-dried food and zero-gravity exercise, to a brain surgery robot -- see how medical research in space is benefiting life for all of us here on Earth.
Release date2015-01-21
Duration30 min
Episode No. out of Series Total11 / 11
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2014
CNN cartoon network adult swim Great Big Story pogo tv trutv tntdrama TCM Copa90 CNNe