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The story of a feared, revered and misunderstood God, ‘Lord Shani’

Shani is one of the nine primary celestial beings in Hindu astrology, embodied in the planet Saturn and the word ‘Shani’ denotes the seventh day or Saturday in most Indian languages. Produced by Sagar Arts, this mega show aims to bring to light the greatness of Lord Shani, tackling the myths that surround this deity and the powerful effects of his planet. It also highlights an important yet often misunderstood facet about Lord Shani, which is to follow the path of righteousness, for he rewards those who follow this path and severely punishes only those who do wrong.
Duration137x30 min / 88x60 min / 9x90 min
Episode No. out of Series Total137 / 137
Production CountryIndia
Production Year2015
CNN cartoon network adult swim Great Big Story pogo tv trutv tntdrama TCM Mondo TV Tabi Channel CNNe