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CNN: Leading Women

Renee James / Cherie Blair

This month on Leading Women...a former political wife turned global philanthropist and the highest ranking woman in her company's history. It's perhaps inevitable Renee James would end up as President of tech giant, Intel. She grew up in California's Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the world's leading tech companies; her father was a mathematician and "techie," and as a child, James wanted to be like him. And Cherie Blair - a familiar name on the global stage. The lawyer and advocate spent more than two decades in politics with her husband, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Since leaving government in 2007, Blair started a foundation to help women around the world.
Release date2015-01-27
Duration15 min
GenreLibrary Titles
Episode No. out of Series Total22
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2014
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