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Future Cities: Singapore

By the year 2050, 75% of the population will live in cities. But how will we find the space to exist? Singapore has been grappling with this question for decades. From a sleepy trading port with no natural resources, to a global financial powerhouse with one of the highest standards of living in the world, Singaporeans are used to battling the odds, and coming out on top. Now celebrating 50 years as an independent nation, and home to more than 5 million people, its leaders and planners have embarked on a mission to ensure its future as one of the most liveable cities on the planet. And that means finding new ways to tackle the challenges of rapid urbanization, limited space, and an aging population. CNN Asia Pacific Editor Andrew Stevens goes inside major infrastructure projects that are in the pipeline across the island nation, and meets the people and planners behind them, in order to learn about their vision and the challenges of planning for future generations.
Release date2015-06-19
Duration30 min
GenreCNN Documentaries
Episode No.1
Production CountryHong Kong
Production Year2015
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