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The untold story of Lord Krishna

Everyone has been enchanted by the story of Krishna - His birth, his charming childhood pranks, slaying of demons and him helping Arjun and the Pandavas in Mahabharat. But not everyone knows the story after Mahabharat - about Krishna the king, the valiant lover, the dependable brother and the saviour. This series will focus on Krishna's life after he became the king of Dwarka. In the pantheon of Hindu Gods, Krishna is the one who’s purpose was to preach to the humankind how to survive in the age of evil or ‘Kalyug’ (present day). His divinity and godliness was not bereft of sharp wit, a machiavellian mind and a keen understanding of human psyche. He was in many ways the epitome of the ideal man today- a hero in the eyes of children, the ideal lover for young girls, a friend, philosopher and guide for men....and a son that every mother would want to have. And this aspect of the Lord comes through most clearly in the unexplored part of his life- his young adulthood. And this why we believe this story must be told
Duration30 min
Episode No. out of Series Total204 / 204
Production CountryIndia
Production Year2015
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