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Ho Chi Minh City

CNNGo sets its sights on Saigon. Now known as Ho Chi Minh City, this city is in the middle of balancing a growing economy with an intense desire to hold onto history. Knowing it is the best way to get around, we'll kick off our journey at Vietnam Vespa Adventures, where they zoom us around to see snapshots of local life and tucked away night hot spots. Then we pick-up with rapper Suboi, who proudly takes us to her favorite places that have hints of old Saigon, including an incredible family-style meal at Cuc Gach Wuan. But no trip to Vietnam is complete without appreciating the complex history of this country. That's where our historian Tim Doling comes in. He explains the changing face of Ho Chi Minh City and shows us a hidden part of history in the middle of the city. And finally, to get away from it all, we take a quick hop down to the island of Con Dao. As one of the newest tourist destinations of Vietnam, this island has a bit of dark history with numerous prisons from the French occupation, but also boasts breathtaking beaches. It's a trip that will give you the best of old and new.
Release date2015-03-11
Duration30 min
GenreCNN Travel & Lifestyle
Episode No.57
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2015
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