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Secret of the Omnitirx

There are three different versions as part of a programming stunt to give the audience a reason to watch repeat showings – the opening fight sequence has different alien heroes involved in the battle depending on which version it is. These different versions are labeled Red, Blue & Gold. These colors come from the color of the alien in the different versions – Red=Heatblast, Blue=XLR8, Gold=Eye Guy. The opening sequence and a flashback to this sequence are the only differences between these versions and both occur in the first half-hour of the movie. There is some re-recording of dialogue involved, as the characters speak of or address the three alien characters by their name. As an example, in the Red version Ben says “Yeah, good thing I was Heatblast, ‘cause that DNA wave would’ve scrambled me”; in the Blue version he says “Yeah, good thing I was XLR8, ‘cause that DNA wave
Release date2014-12-12
Episode No. out of Series Total1 / 1
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2014
CNN cartoon network adult swim Great Big Story pogo tv trutv tntdrama TCM Mondo TV Tabi Channel CNNe