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We love the magic of the movies. Here’s a group of great big stories about the world of filmmaking and the magic behind it.

Movie Magic

CNN: Great Big Story
Lang: English
Genre: Great Big Story
Pilot - When the school bully begins picking on some of the teachers at Smoot High, the teachers exact a terrible (and stupid) revenge...and even the librarian gets in on the action!


Those Who Can't
Lang: English
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 25 mins
When Dory discovers that her friend, Chantal, has gone missing, she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened, even though boyfriend Drew and friends Elliott and Portia could not care less.

The Mysterious Disappearance of The Girl No One Knew - Ep 1

Search Party
Lang: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 24 mins

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By 2050, the world's major cities will be crowded by six and a half billion people. Pollution, inequality and changing climates threaten the higher living standards that cities can offer.

Innovative Cities - Episode 1

Innovative Cities
Lang: English
Genre: Specials
Duration: 30 mins
A country of finesse and tradition, innovation at the heart of its soul - Japan's impact has been felt all over the world.

Leading Women Japan

Leading Women Japan
Lang: English
Genre: Specials
Duration: 30 mins
Teaching our kids about their senses is one of the first things we do as parents. It's how we take in the world around us -- how we figure out what we like, and what we don't.

Ep 42 - Pleasing the Senses

CNN: Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Lang: English
Genre: Documentaries
Duration: 30 mins
Low oil prices are forcing the region's national oil companies to radically rethink their business model.

S2 - Show #23

CNN Marketplace Middle East
Lang: English
Genre: Business & Current Affairs
Duration: 15 mins
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